How Can I Believe I'm Worthy

Nov 01, 2021

How have we gotten ourselves into a society where we tear women down for wanting to be wealthy but at the same time complain about not having equality?

A big problem I hear women talking about in regards to wealth is judgment (in particular from other women!) Those that have significant wealth are being called names like Gold Digger or even nastier prostitutional terms!

When I reviewed the female rich list of 2020 it was glaringly obvious how out of balance things still are. You have to scroll to position 29 before you can locate the first 5 women, but I was also struck by the lack of ‘famous’ names. I only know the 4th female because I share her name (founder of Canva which is pretty cool) but the others… I’ve never even heard of except for Gina Rinehart. It got me wondering, why is it that so few of the elite female wealth is media-prone?

Well, I have an opinion I’d like to voice, and sorry ladies, I don’t think you’re going to like it. It starts with some stories, past female clients that shared with me about wanting to be ‘rich’ but at the same time being afraid to be open about that desire. I have literally had clients, tell me they have been called a selfish bitch for having worked their butts off and got themselves to a place of financial independence. Another client was frustrated for being business savvy by getting processes optimised, time leveraged, and efficient and was finally kicking back and enjoying a balanced approach to her life, but discovered she was being called lazy behind her back – by close associates!! This was tough to hear as I’m supporting people to break the mold that working hard is the only way, to be successful!

Many of my clients with blocks to wealth have carried over generation programming of hardship from times of war and famine and even past lives of being servants and living in poverty centuries ago. None of the phrasings is new to me, but it is hard to hear that women are still giving their sisters a hard time instead of celebrating their breakthroughs.

Look I get it, it’s easy to fall into the same mindset trap as our upbringing. One of the phrases I most struggle with is “You have to hustle to be successful”. I call massive BS on this. This is a belief system from our past generations. Every year there are more millionaires in more sectors and parts of the world than ever.

The hustle and hard work don’t have to be the ONLY foundation to build on.

Does everyone who works 12+ hours a day busting their butt to get their start-up off the group succeed? No! It’s not about how much effort you put in!

Thinking in this masculine ‘keep pushing’ way, can leave you exhausted and thinking you’re not good enough and that you need to work even harder to prove yourself!

So how do you get to a place where you believe you are worthy of:

  • charging more,
  • working less, and
  • having a better quality of life whilst not ripping off others, or gaining from the poor?

I believe it starts with doing the inner work to clear the ties to the past. Whether they are:

  1. from all the women in your lineage
  2. the energetic lessons, blueprinted into this lifetime
  3. any karmic ties to suffering carried over from a past life, or
  4. the BS beliefs you were raised with as a child to take as gospel about money, wealth, and business.

If you don’t understand the entire MindWeb of your BS (belief system) you aren’t able to have a clear canvas to imprint your new aspirations and goals onto.

YES! You can change it all!

Do you really want to keep thinking that any other woman is better than you? Internally criticising her, for having what you want? And by the way, when you’re thinking critically of another, you are actually affecting your own vibration and lowering the frequency at which you can create in your own life. Instead, try to be inspired (and go easy on yourself)…

Ask yourself, “I wonder how I can manage to [insert your desire] in my life or business.”

This type of thinking does four things:

  1. Brings your thoughts to a place of respect and curiosity, rather than judgment
  2. Asks the question for your subconscious to answer
  3. Allows Source to attract or manifest into your reality
  4. Gets your higher-self thinking of alternative solutions outside your current awareness

Don’t let judgments FROM others limit your potential.

Secretly holding back your aspirations and dreams of a better life. Watching somebody else achieve what you want, for fear of being judged is the dumbest way of living!

I know this because this was me before chemo! Being bald changed everything about what I thought, I thought I knew about people and their opinions! Now I don’t just want to be a shining light of possibility… I am one.

I chose to stop being afraid of the keyboard warriors and trolls - people that don’t know me, but think it's ok to send me judgey energy. It’s all irrelevant because it’s not personal. It can’t be, otherwise, they would know my underdog story and be part of the cheer squad, because we all love a rag to riches story – how ironic right! (Plus I’ve got a bunch of higher realm entities watching my back anyway).

Anyway, do you want to teach your next generation that you were brave enough to do the energetic spring clean necessary to create a different set of co-creation opportunities and possibilities for them to benefit from?

Or when she grows up, will you think your daughter is a lazy bitch if she is smart enough to cut all the hurdles out and leap into her fullest potential?

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