Why The Rich and Successful Use Meditation

Mar 25, 2022

Meditation is the secret hack that many of the world’s wealthy and most successful use daily and I’m not just talking in the health and wellness arena.

Meditation is no longer the woo-woo domain of yogis and hippies. Famous people get as much, if not more, from accessing their inner peace and wisdom.

If you’re like me, you’re a wee bit interested to know what the rich and famous do to amplify and achieve their success.

One of the world's most famous basketballers (and the only 1 I know of) Michael Jordan shared in an article for the Huffington Post, ‘That Zen Buddhist stuff really works!”

His mindfulness mentor George Mumford taught him to become fully aware, to notice and accept all of the distractions in his life. But to let go of paying attention to them and to step out of his own way… and THEN, to complete with all of his channeled focus, set up the perfect goal.

So in the most pressurised situations imaginable, he found a way to get into the flow state when taking those super-important shots!

And he’s not the only one, almost 90% of extremely successful people used meditation as a regular daily practice.

Jennifer Lopez shared how 20 mins of meditation twice a day got her through a phase when she was working on 3 major projects. But also for helping her connect with herself and knowing ‘who she was’.

On a trip to India in 1974, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple discovered meditative strategies that he directly associates with becoming so personally successful.

The author of "The 4-Hour Workweek" and "Tribe of Mentors," Tim Ferriss, used to be skeptical of and completely avoid meditation. Now he's a firm believer in it.

An interesting billionaire, Warren Buffet explains that one of his heroes is Tom Murphy, who Buffet describes as ‘an enormously even-tempered and able business person.’ “He didn’t have to shout or scream or anything like that. He did everything in a very relaxed manner.”

Inspired, Buffet goes on to talk about the benefits of managing his own emotions through the process of meditation, helping with both productivity and decision making.

The list of celebrities and millionaires goes on, and now major corporations are also getting on board. Introducing this quiet way to boost staff productivity (and morale, giant companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon offer meditation classes for all their staff, clearly showing there must be a significant return on investment.

Deep mind meditative techniques based on Theta or Delta brainwave states allow creative thoughts to be generated. When used strategically, you can also access sharper awareness, broader thinking, and alternative solutions.

Similar to building a house on a sinking mudflat, there is little point in establishing strong, powerful structures if the ground it’s built on, isn’t capable of supporting it. If you have lots of knowledge, internal drive, and ambition, it’s not going to be as solid with stress and overwhelm distracting you subconsciously.

As little as 10 minutes a day can increase focus, effectiveness, and decision-making. Having studied Buddhism myself for 2 years, I’ve found the style of guided meditation MUCH easier to do and benefit from.

If you would like to have an abundant life and career, you can achieve even higher levels of success with the simple adoption of meditation.