If Your Client Betrays You, It Can Feel Like A Stab In The Back

Aug 24, 2021

A blog about how not to get defensive or feel like the value you offer is in question.

You've got a client lined up, they are ‘just waiting for the ducks to line up’ and they'll get back to you and begin working with you… and boom, there they are on social media, celebrating their success with your competitor!  

We've all been there, how do you overcome it and retain the relationship? I wrote this blog for you to handle an instance when a customer has defected.

Here are the top 4 reasons why your clients might change their minds and use your competitors.

Something that can help you out, is to not take things personally and when I say ‘not taking things personally’, I‘m referring to your client’s needs of course. Here are some considerations that have nothing to do with you or your offerings.

1. Price – They shifted their thinking (or their circumstances changed) and they are looking for a different price point (not always cheaper). 

While we might be tempted to woe our clients back (if we get the chance) and offer a lower price for our services, there are many factors that determine our own pricing, and these factors are often best to hold steady on.

If you feel that (consistently) your customers don't value your services enough, it might be worthwhile considering a different pricing strategy. By changing your pricing structure to align with what your customers are actually willing to pay, you can potentially create a bigger demand. But again, the messaging needs to be on point for that market.

Learning the differences between your customers will help you create different pricing options, and will enable you to create a suite of services that can be tailored to their needs.

When we respect our prices, the right clients will too. Price integrity is also strongly related to your reputation. I feel it holds more credibility to be consistent with client deals.

Watch here and get the confidence you need to charge your worth.

2. Identity – We all know there will be times when a client might change their affinity to another business. There are also other times when they might prefer the work and services that your competitor happens to be offering at the time, as an alternative or better fit to what they need or want for their project. 

From another angle, we’ve all worked with clients that are ‘hard work’, and often it’s because we aren’t a right fit for them. I know early on, I accepted clients that I knew deep down wasn’t a match, that’s why it’s really beneficial to have conversations before you take on a new client to check resonance and expectations. 

3. Value – Like it or not, sometimes the results the client wants, are better articulated by another service provider. This isn’t about you, your relationship, or your services. It’s about your messaging. Your competitor was able to convey to them what they wanted to hear, better than you did. 

You should be honest about the value you offer and make guarantees about your work. However, it is important to remember that trust should be built on honesty and not empty promises!

Watch here to learn how to make it easier for your market to understand what you do and grow your business in the online space.

4. Timing – This is actually very valid and happens to all of us. Sometimes it just comes down to unknown timing. Your competitor happened to cross paths (virtually or physically) and your client was just in the right decision-making mood and position to say yes. 

The truth is the client was simply out of reach. It was a timing thing. An availability thing. 

The decision was in the air and if it was going to be made, you weren’t front of mind at that time. While it’s tough, you have to accept that there was nothing you could do to make it happen. 

Hopefully, they come back in the future or you can continue to nurture to try for future business. 

Again, this doesn’t ‘mean’ anything about your programs, it was just a timing alignment. As for now, you can focus on what’s next rather than what didn’t happen in the past.

How to make your customers want to come back to you again and again?

The best way to keep customers coming back is to make sure they are thrilled about your service or product. If you go above and beyond in your service to them, they'll want to come back so that they can have another great experience. 

Someone who feels like they are getting their money's worth will be much more likely to return. Make sure to ask for feedback as well, so that you can make sure you're following up on their experience.

Be consistent - A client is only as loyal as you make them, keep your client happy and they'll come back for more, if they don’t, then they are no longer the fantastic fit you may have thought they were.

I also know it’s hard to focus on the clients we’ve already won when times aren’t as abundant and we’re looking to keep paying the bills. But overall, ‘losing a client’ is not worth losing sleepover.

The only thing you should concern yourself about is how to best serve your current clients and make them happy, so you can keep your head held high – and attract more like them.

The world of business is a very competitive landscape and it’s only getting more and more competitive every day. 

If your client does or has decided to take their business elsewhere, it can feel like the end of the world. In reality, though, it’s simply a matter of gaining the courage to hold steadfast to your own values, pricing, and services to move on and look to the future.