The Words You Use Do Matter, Please Stop Word Bashing

May 13, 2022

It makes me cringe when I hear business operators, nailing it, smashing it, and hustling to success.

I don't know whether it's carried over from the aggressive selling 80s or sporting analogies but it never sat well with me.

If you're rolling your eyes at me right now, I get it. I did too a couple of years back when I heard a similar point of view but now I understand the strength behind a word. So hear me out.

If the words we use to describe a successful win aren't important, why do words for describing our personality matter?

Why do simple words spoken at a wedding ceremony invoke emotion?

How come we can be so bloody angry when somebody calls us dumb or stupid?

Why is it that some words can infuriate, upset, or entice us to continue reading?

Because words have meaning attached to them.

There are even book, apps and websites created that uses words to describe words to make sure we use the correct words. 

You see we each create emotions to those syllables and our meanings create energetic responses

So if you don't think that describing a super day of closing clients into your programs as a smashing day, consider what 'smashing' truly means in your own psychology.

It's not what I think that matters, it's how you associate your feelings with those words.

I remember a guy once saying he 'wanted to nail me'. He thought twice about continuing the conversation when I replied saying with a tone dripping with sarcasm and intent 'Thanks, I want to slap you'.

The meanings we have, can be clean and positive, however, smashing might not mean bashing the crap out of something until it's broken... but what if it does? What does that say about how you approach business, serve your clients or sell your products?

  • Verbal abuse is a thing
  • Workplace harassment is a thing
  • Verbal diarrhoea is a thing
  • Road rage is a thing
  • Traditional therapies are based on them
  • Public speaking is an industry using them
  • Headline and copywriters live off them
  • Radio stations, authors, and movie writers master them

They are using the simple word but also add tone and context FOR US.

When coaching, sometimes my clients really struggle to find the 'right' word to express themselves - usually because they've never had to before.

It deeply matters to some of them to find the best way of saying what they are feeling or thinking.

Words do matter!

When I'm identifying negative energy for a client to release, it really freaking matters that we get the right description. It has to resonate with them, it has to be accurate for them to feel the vibration.

So please, consider your language, it does matter and if you don't believe any of my words - my intent is to suggest new thinking... but perhaps if I share that multi-millionaire Jim Rohn says the language is important, then you might pay attention to his words.

"You can use careless language around the home and around the community. But, if you want to start stepping up, then you've got to learn the uses of language".