The Talk-Free Revolution to Healing Your Emotions and Trauma

Dec 06, 2021

Are you addressing an industry norm, a limiting belief, or objection and NOT pushing your opinion, pet peeve, or “explaining”?


Most people think when they’re struggling to resolve their past is to go to talk therapy or have a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) session, but that might be the biggest mistake people make.

But I get it. Everyone says that ‘therapy’ is the best strategy and I too have solved many conundrums by talking through my challenges, but I’m referring to major issues and blocks where energetic Mindwebs are the cause, which you may not even realise is the reason for your current struggles.


If counseling or traditional therapy was the cure then everyone who went to therapy would be completely ‘over their problems’ they wouldn’t need to keep going back right?

And all the addicts that used talk therapy would be able to manage their challenges when the program was complete…yet we all know that’s not the case.


In fact, if you keep holding this belief you could actually:

  • keep reliving the trauma
  • start to think you’re the problem
  • never accomplish your goals
  • can’t ‘move on’ or
  • get the answers or outcome you’re looking for


But did you know you can actually completely get over any kind of emotional or physical trauma by addressing how your subconscious has processed it?


You see your mind associates emotions, feelings, and conclusions to situations, and most often we don’t have any comprehension about those conclusions it’s made – on your behalf!


If you don’t discover what beliefs your brain has about your traumas then only talking about it will only reveal the conscious awareness you have of it and you will never know how to dissolve, release or reframe the entire subconscious Belief System AKA BS!


To make things more complicated we nearly always don’t even realise we have a belief system at all – that’s why I call it BS. We’re responding to current situations from the interpretations of a past situation that most likely has nothing to do with your challenge today.


You need to understand the full Mindweb of your BS so you can address it subconsciously – not by conscious talking.

What is a Mindweb?


A Mindweb is anchoring and locking in a perspective about the circumstances being experienced (usually un-serving or negatively).


When you’re in semi dream state of theta - 4-8 hertz – which is the point just as you’re dropping in or out of dreaming you can access parts of your subconscious the logical, conscious, mind, can’t.


This brainwave frequency is open to suggestions and is very programmable.


AND YES, what’s around you as you fall asleep and what you wake up to, is super important!


Now up to the age of 6-8 years old, we are mostly in this state so we soak everything up. It’s the years we set most of our moral and societal beliefs in place. It's at the end of this phase when children start to question the tooth fairy, Santa, and the easter bunny… ie the sweet innocence of believing what they’re told begins to erode.

Additional to these limiting beliefs and axioms being created in our early years

we have other energy ‘blocks’ to understand…


  • It could be DNA inherited from your biological parents – such as women stay home and men are the educated, earners
  • There may be a generational imprint from your ancestors – about life being hard with financial struggle - there are a lot of these coming up right now
  • Perhaps there is a past-life or time during conception, or when in the womb or at birth when energy was locked into your body that needs to be released – these experiences can be reframed for a more positive perspective
  • You may have to  for letting somebody else cause emotional or physical harm to you - forgiveness doesn’t have to necessarily be FOR them
  • There might be an energetic tie, tethered to your being, that needs to be dissolved – these are also very common and can seem to somehow physically stop us from taking action, or
  • If you have the same issue that keeps coming up over and over again.


Some of my clients have all of these, for just 1 issue causing them setbacks or issues!


It’s not many wonders they can’t identify the blocks through talking – most often they don’t even know what these things are until we discover them!


You see IF you don’t even know ‘why’ your mind believes something to be true you will never consciously, be able to reframe it positively.


So let me ask you.


Do you really want to keep going to therapy week after week, paying out money to TALK about your current challenges, or would you rather get to the root cause of your BS

and reprogram it there, to be resolved permanently?


Or worse do you want to keep the emotion locked in and then have the stress of managing it, eventually come through as


  •  a medical condition?
  • A massive blowout with a loved one
  • Deflecting, repelling, or sabotaging the very thing you want to accomplish in life, or
  • Continue to feel less than fulfilled and content every day?

(even with your struggles) 


And yes – you can completely resolve all of the current triggers caused by your Mindweb in 1 Deep Belief Hacking session!


Disclaimer: If an issue is VERY traumatic, it may require more than 1 session, such as, if you had a major car accident you may have fear AND blame Mindwebs to resolve, which may require 2 separate sessions.


You just learned that your subconscious creates neuro Mindwebs but if you think you can push them to the side to address later and don’t unpick them as they arise, you will continue to exhaust and overwhelm your nervous system by depleting your energy in four ways!


1.     Expressing un-serving energy – for example – anger or frustration

2.     Controlling that energy – by stuffing the reason, trigger or emotion down

3.     Wearing a mask – by pretending it’s ok after

4.     Devaluing your self-esteem – by not resolving the issue


Many people feel ‘heavy’ because they are not free to express themselves, they are wound up so tightly trying to control all this energy in motion (aka emotion)!


So even If somebody wants to resolve their money blocks, it may be suppression of their playfulness as a child that is stopping their wealth to flow today.


We just don’t know until we access the subconscious in Theta state!


That’s what I created my free Ambition Accelerator. It’s a 3-part video healing series that guides you through the quantum theta process to amplify the clarity of your triggers and challenges, so you can increase your confidence and commit to accomplishing your soul’s ambitions faster.


Sign up for the free training where I’m ready to facilitate the acceleration into your fullest potential today. 


You don’t have to wait weeks for a therapy or NLP appointment to ‘maybe’ identify what ‘might’ be the root of your issues, coz if it’s beyond an experience you’ve had this lifetime… it’s gonna be very hard outside of theta state.