How Not to Fail Building New Habits

Jan 03, 2022

If you’ve ever tried to stop or start doing something new, you probably already know it can be a lost cause before you’ve even begun. 

When working in our own business it’s critical that we can implement new strategies whether it is for productivity, cutting out a bad habit, or behaviour. It’s important that we establish that it’s right for us and our lives and business, otherwise…


We are setting ourselves up for failure.

It’s a common misconception that willpower and ‘staying focused’ is the best strategy and for secret empaths. It can be harder than most as we tap into and feel the influence from outside sources.

If we don’t create a strong enough ‘why’ relating to our own values and desires, just like trying to lose weight coz the doctor tells us to, we only stay committed for a short period of time. The ability to WILL our power is less potent and successful than if we’re wholeheartedly desiring the outcome.

I’ll share some hacks to why trying to outsmart our subconscious is never going to work and how you need to bring Ego into your desires.


So let us explore the steps:

As you list the steps each, list the benefit/desire each one gives.

  1. The first is understanding why you even want the change to happen, what are the pro and what are cons?

For example:

It is to start doing more physical activity or exercise? First, really understand as a minimum the benefits of making the change.


The pros could be:

-         Feeling more comfortable in your ‘nice clothes’

-         sleeping better

-         Being able to climb stairs without huffing and puffing


The cons could be

-         The earlier starts or finish to your day

-         Feeling uncomfortable in the workwear

-         Having to give something else up

-         An embarrassment to begin something new and not knowing what to do

2. The next step is to feel into them and see if any really create discomfort (even if it is a pro). 

This will give you the starting point of where to begin subconsciously. The easiest way is to simply score out of 10 what each thing triggers within.


For example:

How much do you really want to feel or look good in your clothes out of 10?

And, how much do you not want to get up earlier in the morning to fit in a walk, out of 10?


Say you’re 8/10 excited about looking better and 9/10 not wanting to get up earlier, which do you think will win?

The scoring isn’t just a straight 8 against 9.

The lack of desire to get up earlier is a 9/10, that’s really strong so unless you get Ego onboard it’s gonna take a LOT of willpower every morning you attempt to start your day with physical movement.


3. The next step, is to shift that blocking 9/10 by establishing WHY it’s even there. This is the only way to stop self-sabotage from impacting your desires.


Now you can have all the clarity for why you want to change your habits and embody all the confidence that you can do it.

But, if the commitment is hindered by EGO then you will feel unmotivated and allow procrastination and other distractions to pull you off your success path.


That’s why I created the Ambition Accelerator, it’s a 3 part video healing series that guides you through the quantum process to align clarity, confidence, and commitment to accomplish your soul’s ambitions faster.


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