What Is Quantum Coaching and Healing?

Jun 01, 2022

Originated By Deepak Chopra, quantum healing is not a new science, it's over 30 years old.

Back in 1988, he published a book 'Quantum Healing' which was embraced by the general public but vilified by the medical fraternity.

"Quantum is the smallest unit of energy, referred to as an electron. A quantum of consciousness would be a thought, an intention or even the most baseline state, of restful awareness".

Quantum healing, therefore, is the process of altering non-serving thoughts and intentions to be more aligned with desired results and goals.

I call it 'Re-Framing'. 

Taking thoughts and memories that create our triggers and undesired behaviours and changing (reframing them) into alternative perspectives.

Generally, these unserving limiting beliefs have been set in our innocent early years, when context and full information weren't available to us.

The beauty of quantum healing is, that it resolves every recurring occasion from that first time, forward through our entire lifetime. So each time a similar emotional response was experienced, your new memory of those times has shifted. Very powerful indeed.

Depending on the complexity of the initial situation, often 1 session is enough to resolve your current unpleasant emotions.

In more traumatic scenarios, it may be appropriate for a program of 6 sessions to resolve the many layers of beliefs and interpretations we have carried with us.

The goal is to teach you how to re-frame yourself after our program is complete. All clients receive an audio recording of my "Cognitive Reframe Process" to continue on their own.

We may also explore and resolve past-life memories, karmic ties, cellular trauma, or even connect with your future. Every program is tailored to my clients' needs.

Check out Deepak Chopra's video.