You Don't Have to Prove Yourself

Oct 15, 2021

I’ve discovered that most emerging leaders throw themselves headfirst into their new business. Which is actually about proving to themselves that they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Often with the mindset of fake it until I make it.

In this blog, I’m going to explain the cause of this specific problem so that you can show up as yourself ready to SERVE rather than PROVING yourself, so you can finally get the right clients LOVING you and what you do.

You see because of the visionary nature of healers and entrepreneurs; we typically see others’ potential before they see it within themselves.

We also see our own advanced version of ourselves but allow our ego to questions the ‘how’ WE will get there, or belittle the accomplishment of what it’s taken to be in a place right now, ready to support others.

This is actually living into YOUR future rather than focusing on working with the relevant clients now, where they ARE a vibrational match for your skills.

To get around this, it helps to understand the thoughts your clients have about THEMSELVES.

When you focus on their challenges and where they are at, it’s no longer about whether you’re good enough or capable/confident enough to help them.

Think about it, proving that you are ‘worthy or good enough’ is not the best energetic state to serve from.

A past coach once helped me to see that we are always ready to work with the equivalent version of ourselves 5 years ago. So this makes it easier to 1000% know, you’re good enough now and anything you do is, what’s needed by them.

I also invite you to this. Showing up with the energy of “I have to do this, to demonstrate my capability and ability to be considered ‘good-enough”, you’re not delivering your skills from a place of knowing and certainty, therefore the mentoring comes from a place of lack!

Instead, clear your own egoic self-doubt and embody that any work you do comes from an alignment of ‘This is what I’m here on earth to do'.

Now, you just learned how to catch yourself when self-sabotaging doubt from ego pops up but if you haven’t learned how to embody absolute self-commitment and discipline, you’ll struggle to stay focused and ignore distractions and freedom will always be ‘over there’ on the other side of the fence.

That’s why I created the Ambition Accelerator, it’s a 3 part video healing series that guides you through the quantum process to align clarity, confidence, and commitment to accomplish your soul’s ambitions faster.

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