My Oracle Guidance

May 13, 2022

It started with the amazing healing and shifts I had during my back injury July-Dec 2019. The week I started back at the gym in December to rebuild my weakened physical body I went to the doctor which led to a diagnosis of Breast Cancer... Apparently, my healing wasn't done yet!

Through the very conflicting journey between my spiritual work and medical treatments much deeper healing (I didn't even know this was possible) was done. I started experimenting with oracle cards and some other new practices.

Twice I pulled this card of guidance when I asked for clarity about what I should be doing with my gifts and business direction.

This is a summary of where my soul now operates and drives me...

Your inner spiritual power can heal circumstances in your life and our word in ways greater than you realise. By journeying within you will gain clarity and conscious redirection of your inner energies towards what you wish to manifest. It’s time to stop controlling what is happening. Instead work to bring a positive influence on others, so that you can contribute constructively towards shaping the outcome for the greatest good.

From the Norse tradition of Scandinavia comes the sorcery of seidr (say-der), the practice of cracking open an egg in order to read and shape the future. The egg is a symbol of infinite divine potential and the beginning of new life.

Seidr is a mysterious soothsaying or visionary practice, which also involves shamanic healing to divine an appropriate pathway through times of trouble and communal strife.

Through prayer, chant, and binding magic, as well as visionary practices in an altered state - all of which are supported by focused collective intention - powerful healing takes place.

The appearance of this oracle indicates that your soul talents, whatever they may be, can be of influence in the world.

If you dedicate yourself to personal development for the greater good, you can contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity. 

This oracle advises us those good intentions are not enough to ensure the outcome of our efforts is beneficial WE need the wisdom that comes through surrendering to divine intelligence. 

With an awakened heart, it is possible to be a clear channel for spiritual light in this world, dedicating our soul talents to overcoming hate and divisiveness.

Traditionally the practitioner of seidr was a spiritual leader known as volva (seer). She would not work alone but called upon community members to empower the practice.

When we choose to align our actions with our heart truths we become the spiritual birth parents of more spiritually advanced humanity.

Tremendous creative power is generated when a group comes together in focused practice. If you seek to work with others, be aware of the positive potential and proceed with integrity and care.

The message of this Oracle is that you are able to bring a positive influence into whatever situations or circumstances unfold in your life. 

Dedicate yourself to goodness.

Believe in your power to effect positive change.

Äs you can imagine the second time I pulled this card, I really paid attention to the message.

To be honest I’m humbled by it, which I guess is a good place to operate from.

I hope you will join the group focused on bringing about positive change to humanity with me.