Overcome Your Fears, Master Courage

Nov 08, 2021

Do you think you’re a brave person? How would you rate your levels of courage? The best place to start is by asking yourself, "How often do I stick to my guns?" Just this question can transform the way you think and help you find out how brave you are through your everyday activities.

Trust me, it can be an awakening realisation to discover you frequently give up on what you believe in.

Did you know that living with courage is a skill... which means you can learn how to improve your bravery!

Courage means giving an uncompromising and compassionate response to the plight of others, especially to those who seem helplessly suffering in ignorance and misery.

As Secret EmpathPreneurs this can be a curse but also a blessing. It can mean we see a difficult situation as an opportunity to make a change. It means we confront issues head-on without fear, distraction, or hesitation.

Let me tell you, going against the natural way of doing things (aka what society says you should) is courageous. Others may tell us we’re selfish and you may even feel this way at first, but ultimately it is a very powerful force that can help those that previously judged us.

Courage also involves facing your emotions. Emotions when processed properly can give birth to courage, and they can push you forward to do your best. In a society where everyone has access to a phone, means the Internet has infinite free resources for you to access. If you have the right tools, you will be well-equipped to support your heart to be courageous.

The art of self-mastery is about understanding and then living with your courageous power combined with your inner knowledge.

This knowledge, combined with your courage gives rise to action and can transform situations, especially when addressing past patterns of fear.

If you see yourself as a wise person who knows how to stay on your own path of wisdom then you are Brave. I don't mean the 'I-know-the-right-way-to-do-it' kind of courage but rather ‘I-CAN-do-it-because-I-HAVE-the-inner-knowledge' kind of courage. You might even call it authenticity.

You will never go astray when living with courage driven from your soul centre!

And will have the confidence to say ‘no’ with Grace when something doesn’t serve you. This inner confidence doesn't make you arrogant; it makes you self-aware and prepared to face whatever comes your way, fearlessly.

Becoming brave is being true to yourself, by being true to your inner wisdom.

As a bonus, discovering this inner wisdom means you become a guide for others. Wise leaders and EmpathPreneurs, realise that strength comes from knowing when to hold back, when to give in and when to stay the course. That kind of being ‘true to yourself’ requires greater levels of patience, humility, and self-commitment.

One step at a time, when you start at the base of YOUR path, you will work your way to the top of YOUR mountain, following the map of YOUR inner guidance.

The essence of any great personal development program is to Discover your inner map. To learn how to go within and listen to your own directions. Realising that you can stay on the right path (for you) means you get to the point where you see life’s challenges and the hurdles people put up, only as lessons to be navigated, then you can live with a feeling of success.

If you’re ready to begin the climb to your life’s potential, book in for a chat and let us discover the map to the success, joy, and happiness, that you deserve!