How To Raise Your Energetic Frequency

Apr 21, 2022

The nerve cells in your brain produce electrical signals, day and night, forming distinctive arrangements called brainwave patterns.

Looking the same as sound waves on an audio file, the unique patterns that your brain produces are dictated by everything around and in you, including your biological chemistry.

These affect your thoughts, which direct your emotions and moods, which in turn influence your behaviours, actions, and decision-making.

These electrical frequencies have a direct impact on the state of your consciousness.

Since most of us spend our days in a beta state, there are 2 downsides.

  1. First stems from the uniqueness of being a human. We are capable of reflecting on our past and thinking about the future - which means we are comparing, which means we aren’t living for NOW.
  2. Second is brain balance – the powerful benefits of equally using the logical and creative, left & right hemispheres are measurable. The brilliance of meditation is that it equals out and provides unison of both halves.

Shortly I’ll describe Theta and Delta states, with their balancing benefits.

Let me explain the 4 Brain Waves states and how they are experienced.

Beta Brainwaves

13-40Hz – Fully conscious, alert, and for some of you, being alarmed.

A few of the unhelpful emotions felt here are moodiness, irritability, impatience, worry, stress, fear, anger even paranoia.

Numerous, very reputable studies from Harvard and Yale, have associated this state with nervousness, depression, and anxiety, as well as weakened health and immune system.

Alpha Brainwaves

7-13Hz - First layer of the super-conscious mind

This state is similar to reading a great book when the gremlin, chattery, mind can’t get through.

It’s great for studying and learning. Creative ideas start to flow, focus improves and it’s easier to remain calm and peaceful even in times of challenge.

Happiness and confidence improve from a more relaxed disposition and new habits can be formed. Studies have also shown a reversal of a brain’s aging with an increase in serotonin and endorphin production.

Theta Brainwaves

4-7Hz – This state is similar to that place when you’re just about to fall asleep. It’s where direct access to emotional and inward intelligence can be achieved. Energetic frequency is increased as Theta state is adopted.

Visualisation can provide amazing insights as the creative brain becomes aligned with the soul. Feelings of connection to others along with advanced problem solving are amplified in this deeply relaxed state.

As well to be able to sleep better, inspiration, intuitive knowing and deeper internal knowledge come through from this trance-like place. An additional benefit of reduced cortisol production reduces stress levels. 

Delta Brainwaves

0-4Hz – The deepest state not unlike having a deep restorative dreamless sleep, deep meditative states here provide the perfect frequency for Quantum Healing.

Many scientists now acknowledge the associated health restoration and rejuvenation possible when Delta state is achieved.

From a success seeker perspective, new opportunities are discovered as well as ways to implement and take action on them.

Time becomes distorted and the remarkable ability to access memories previously locked is able to be reframed and any unhelpful emotions released as well as unlocking energy held with cells.

A perfect solution for anybody struggling with the side effects of Beta state is to find short periods of time to increase energy frequency through meditation. With just some of the results being automatic behaviours can be reduced and reactive actions adjusted to align with that of the new higher vibration.

Eliminating Beta state is hard – even monks struggle – but a perfect equilibrium of Alpha, Theta, & Delta frequencies, helps you achieve the optimal mental state for maximum potential.

Just 10 mins of meditation a day can achieve amazing results very quickly.

Why not combine strategy with this fabulous skill?

Get into the Theta state with guided meditations. Then go deeper into a line of self-inquiry and converse with your super-conscious for advanced wisdom, inner guidance, and calmness of Delta state.

Check out the Soul Activation meditation where you can feel the results from being in Theta and even Delta the more you practice.

But, if you want to get a hands-on experience in elevating your energy frequency, Megan J and I are hosting a new soulfully led workshop on May 7, 2022, at the Gold Coast.

It will include quantum coaching, support, guidance from intergalactic energies, guided meditations, and more to create transformative change in your life. 

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