Healing Traumas Shouldn't Be Traumatic

Oct 25, 2021

I believe we currently live in a society, stuck in old-school ways, of counseling and psychology, which has us trapped (understandably) with fear, of the harsh and sometimes cruel methods of reliving our traumas.

Scientific and evidence-based approaches, rather than intuitively led actions, have stopped us from thinking that anything spiritual is untrustworthy, ‘woo-woo’.

Yet I’ve found time after time, the sooner we accept that we ARE energetic beings and understand the energy, driving our subconscious mind and super-conscious gifts, the quicker we find peace and our deepest inner wisdom.

I KNOW, resolving our issues and self-sabotage can be quick and easy and I know our internal truth gives us the freedom we seek, and with so many client examples, this has proven to be true.

The problem is, for most, it feels more comfortable, staying stuck in the mud.

The challenge is that denial, can lead to an escalation of our circumstances, we ignore the subconscious patterns attempts for us to wake up and don’t even realise how much we’re NOT listening to our highest good.

When we discover we just have to tap into our courage, we can uplevel beyond our current reality.

We start to accept and believe our potential.

We are enabled to leave our individual legacies on earth, driven by our intuitive soul desires.

And I know that reframing all unhelpful blocks to self-confidence and self-commitment, is the real key to our individual calling especially as secret empaths.

Personally, there is no point to my life if I don't leave a positive impact in my once only, single time, at living MY life, Right NOW, today.

And when I illuminate the talents of other conscious leaders, our entire society benefits.

I'm here to help other Empathpreneurs to realise their soul's ambitions to make their mark on our planet.

With my gifts, I play my part to stop suffering and support the growth of collective consciousness for the benefit of all.

Are you ready to find the confidence to make your impact on the world?

If you’re brave enough, book in a call to have a chat about the unrealised dreams and desires you have, to leave your impact on those around you.