Why Following Through Increases Your Self-Esteem

Nov 15, 2021

When working with a client this week I had to ask the question.

“Why is it that you’re prepared to live with discontentment in the long term, then step towards the discomfort of addressing it, for a happier future”?

It got me thinking how many times I see and have heard this happening.

The most common phrases I’ve heard are:

  • It’s not that bad
  • why rock the boat, when nothing's really going to improve
  • I doubt I’ll be able to hold my ground waiting for the change
  • When I think about it days later, I justify their behaviours as me overreacting
  • maybe I’m the cause of the problem, not them?

The biggest problem most people make is thinking it’ll get better if you ignore it!

And I get it. Everyone tells you that some days are like that, that it’s ok, that life gets busy and we need to allow and accept people’s flaws. It’s easy to fall into that Trap of Thinking you’re asking too much, for more happiness!


But whether it is:

  • constant niggles and badgering from your husband
  • the kids speaking back to you disrespectfully
  • your VA consistently delivering par quality


I want to ask you, are you accepting second best because you’re actually:

  1. doubting your resolve to hold steadfast for what you believe in
  2. questioning your self-worth to ‘have more’ (i.e. an improvement of what you’re accepting)
  3. second-guessing your ability to have the challenging conversation, or
  4. believing that you will lose everything if you do?

But let me ask you.

Does everyone who stands in the power of their self-worth and addresses their unhappiness, end up on the losing team?

No, and you could actually end up slowly eroding more of your confidence if you hold on to the belief that sticking your head in the sand will make stop this situation from arising again.

So how do you get your opinions and perspectives for change across, without fear that you will end up worse off than you are now?


By asking yourself 3 questions…

  1. Why am I prepared to stay in this grey zone of ‘its ok?
  2. What’s the root cause of my fear of bringing up the cause of my unhappiness?
  3. Why am I afraid of following through on what I want to stand up for?


So now let me ask you. IF you were able to answer those 3 questions…

Do you really want to keep thinking things are going to improve without requesting or sharing your insights?

Are you really willing to accept that you are worth living the entirety of your life in the vibration of ‘just ok,… for now’.

Or do you want to continue:

  • Letting people treat you poorly
  • Undervaluing how people MIGHT see you if you stood up for yourself
  • Continue giving waaaay more than you receive, in the hope that 1 day they will appreciate you?
  • Stalling and putting off what you truly want


IF you don’t even know ‘why’ your mind believes something to be true, you will never be able to reframe.

You need to understand the MindWeb of your Belief System or (BS) so you can address it.

Now, you just learned how to catch your conscious thinking by asking your subconscious for some answers.

If you don’t address the reasons why you even experience those fears that are lurking in your Super-conscious, you have to continuously catch yourself and still feel doubtful and lacking self-belief.

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