How Quantum Healer, Mell Balment, Is Carving a Niche for EmpathPreneurs, With Deep Belief Hacking

Jun 26, 2021

In our hunt for the top 1% of Leadership coaches in Australia, we came across the fire-cracker Mell Balment, Mindset Mentor, and International Award-Winning Quantum Healer.


Her mission? To carve out acceptance for EmpathPreneursTM in the corporate world. Deep Belief HackingTM expert Mell B, shared “I love facilitating transformation with dynamo leaders. I believe they have the influence for society to become more consciously aware”.


She continued, “When I see an inspiring leader acting with integrity and congruence, I know they have worked on their soft skills beyond traditional training”.


Using advanced epigenetic techniques and her Mindweb AnalysisTM, Mell B accelerates how to identify the root cause of subconscious beliefs.

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