Dec 20, 2022

As a professional speaker, Mell B has spoken to hundreds of empaths at numerous events, stages, workshops, liver interviews, and panels.

We understand that if you're looking to book and pay anybody as a speaker, you might have some questions first.

Let's explore the 6 reasons why you could consider her for your next speaking opportunity: 

1. Mell B has faced her largest fears and, in the process, has become successful in all of her endeavours. In her talks, Mell B shares the lessons she’s learned about overcoming her fears and challenges.

She’s turned every harrowing conflict into success and through her neuro-knowledge talks, she reveals her secrets and lessons for leaders and employees who want to do the same.

One of Mell’s bugbears is those that talk about their issues, but clearly aren’t resolved or fully healed yet. 

2. Set up for Success: No matter what kind of event you're hosting, it is absolutely vital that you give your attendees all the tools they need to succeed.

Mell provides free handouts in advance of her presentations along with free access to my tools and trainings afterward. This means they will return to their jobs with renewed passion and will be able to contribute greatly to their organisation.

One suggestion is to include a follow-up reminder in your staff newsletter with prompts to use Mell’s tools upon their return to the workplace. Mell can help write this for your communication or HR team.

3. Mell is keenly aware of the importance of aligning her strategies with your themes, and how to execute aligned messages effectively. Her focus is on providing an amazing experience to you, the event organiser. She wants to make sure that the content delivered to your audience is a delight and that you receive fabulous feedback at the end (making your decision to book her, a sound one).

4. She has developed a reputation for her well-honed presentations and spoken to a vast array of audiences ranging from small business entrepreneurs to retirees and everyone in between.

The Deep Belief Hacker has been interviewed in several national publications with her simple and practical techniques for managing stress and helping people around the world feel more resilient.

Mell’s talks inspire her audiences to take action. Motivational speakers push their ideas into forward-thinking conscious shifts, Inspiration speakers encourage growth from within, to inspire a desire to ‘want’ to make a change.

Mell inspires and encourages effective collaboration in the workplace to achieve more as a cohesive team. She will inspire them to be aware of and stop using distractions and excuses, and instead thrive together as part of something bigger than themselves. By learning to trust and therefore harness their collective power, they will overcome their fears and comparisons and grow stronger together. 

5. Mell B is the International Coach of the year 2022 as well as an award-winning quantum healer who has been featured in Yahoo and Thrive Global. She is the Top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia and Top 10 Energy Healers globally. She has been creating a positive difference in her clients' lives since 2015.

As an experienced Leadership and Mindset Coach, Mell’s goal is able to help empaths achieve more from themselves and their life.

BONUS REASON: Mell isn’t a fly-in, acts like a ghost by disappearing after her talk. She loves to mingle with the audience before and after, providing multiple opportunities for everyone to ask questions about her presentation and insights.

The Deep belief Hacker really is a highly sought-after speaker in the area of empathic leadership and life transformation and is available to travel, speak, and consult at your event.

We do hope we have been able to answer some of your questions in this article. To get an idea of Mell B’s speaking style, take a moment to listen to her backstory video or watch her speaker reel sharing her in action on stages, events, panels, and live interviews.

If you want to have a chat about the outcomes and learnings you wish your audience to take away, you can schedule a live chat with her. Or reach out the email at [email protected],

Or you can discuss diary availability with the integrator of Mell B’s team, Shai who always looks forward to hearing from event organisers.